Our Rabbi

ourrabbi07Rabbi Hillel Gruber was born in Chicago USA and spent much of his youth in Israel where he attended the Yeshiva in Kiryat Gat before returning to the USA to attend Yeshiva in New York and New Haven CT and the Rabbinical College in New Jersey where he gained Smichah.

He followed this with 2 years in the Rabbinical College in New York and has since studied in Kollel Menachem in New York, Hager’s Kollel and Schneibalgs Kollel in Edgware, where he has a scholarship.

During the recent war in Israel,  he volunteered to serve and was trained by the IDF as an Army Chaplain which includes bereavement counselling, psychology and practical Rabbinics.

Rabbi Gruber is married with six children.

To contact Rabbi Gruber please call him on 07877 840952 or e-mail him at rabbihgruber@aim.com

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